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About me

I am a 3rd generation Armed Forces officer, and have thus grown up with the core values of honour, integrity and service-before-self. I have been an independent thinker since a young age and have brought focus and passion to leadership and team-building, with excellence at work being the cornerstone of all my endeavors.

I am a post-graduate in Communications from IIT Madras and have always valued continuing education and learning. I have presented several academic and professional research papers, including two IEEE accredited papers, which were presented at international conferences. I have also spoken extensively on secure digital transformation at the Data Security Council of India, ISACA, Exito, IIT Bombay and accredited tri-services forums.

I learnt my lessons of leadership, teamwork, problem solving and incident response, under the toughest conditions during three high intensity assignments onboard warships. My efforts during these tenures were rewarded by the service on several occasions. Through ship assignments, I have also traveled the world and touched base with diverse people and cultures on countries across four continents.

In my present role as Director Information Systems & Security at the Western Naval Theatre, I have been responsible for governing cyber-security policy, driving audits & compliance, forecasting and assigning budgets, and leading incident response, thus driving the efficiency and strengthening the cyber-posture for more than 350 units of the Navy. I use my communication skills to translate technical concepts to comprehensible business pointers for the decision makers and senior leadership, thus resulting in cohesive and far-reaching decisions.

In all my missions, my weapons of choice have been teamwork, dedication, mutual trust, and respect for individuals. Despite insurmountable odds, my military skillset, blended with academic background and technical acumen, helps me lead and motivate teams to achieve the seemingly impossible!

Outside of work, I have a strong sense of community service and thus volunteer at social events, share my experiences at public forums and mentor aspirants in the field of cyber-security.

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