Sameer Wakankar

Senior Manager/Director Phone: 07674027485
  • Administration
  • Member Since, October 22, 2023

About Sameer Wakankar

  • Age 41 - 50 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Retirement date 31-01-2024
  • Years of Military Service 21 – 30 Years
  • Service Indian Army
  • Rank Type Commissioned Officer
  • Rank Colonel (Col)
  • Branch Indian Army
  • Branch Artillery

About me

I am an energetic, sincere, and a committed professional with over 24 years of experience in leadership roles in the Indian Army, specializing in Operations, Logistics, Human Resource Management, and Project Management. I bring to the table rich insights in institution building and transformation, judiciously using my strong organizational skills, experience, and educational background. My career has taught me to excel under pressure and adapt to dynamic situations, making me a confident, resilient, and optimistic individual.

As a Big Picture Thinker, I thrive in leadership positions and enjoy being in charge. I am willing to take initiative in a group and, with the appropriate interpersonal skills, will be able to assume leadership roles on team projects. I am driven by a deep value for achievement, thrive on healthy competition, and have an outgoing, and friendly personality. My ability to foster cross-functional collaboration and implement technology-driven solutions has been instrumental in my success in high-pressure environments with tight deadlines.

I am now eager to leverage my leadership, transformational, and project management skills in senior managerial roles in HR, Operations, Facility Management, and Project Management in the civilian sector. My diverse background, resilience under pressure, and natural inclination towards leadership roles make me well-suited for these challenging positions, where I can continue to drive organizational success through strategic thinking and operational excellence.

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