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About me

I have served the nation for a decade in various capacities in one of the most challenging and sought after domains of submarining (Technical Head, Operations, Project Management, Administration – Indian Navy). 
As a decorated veteran of the armed forces, I devoted a decade of my life to serving in the esteemed Submarine Cadre of the Indian Navy, honing my leadership abilities, work ethic, and pragmatic approach to problem-solving. The multifaceted roles and responsibilities entrusted to me throughout my tenure were instrumental in fostering my expertise in diverse fields such as General Administration, Operation Management, Supply Chain Management, Facilities Management, and Project Management. Moreover, I am an ardent devotee to learning, propelled by my fervent zeal to embrace challenges and surmount the most arduous of tasks.
As an individual with an ardent appreciation for dynamic and resourceful teams, I take great pride in creating a highly productive work environment. As such, I am unequivocally enthusiastic about the upcoming opportunity to apply my skill set and unwavering dedication towards driving extraordinary results in line with critical business objectives.

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