Rahul Shinde

Naval Veteran Phone: 093887 49939
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  • Member Since, July 30, 2023

About Rahul Shinde

  • Age 41 - 50 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Retirement date 08-07-2021
  • Years of Military Service 11- 15 Yrs
  • Service Indian Navy
  • Rank Type Commissioned Officers
  • Rank Commander (Cdr)
  • Branch Indian Navy
  • Branch Executive Branch

About me

Change catalyst Military Leader with an accelerated career track of 14 years in the Indian Navy, spearheading cross-functional teams of 300+ personnel, strengthening training & developmental needs for 3K trainee cadets at the prestigious Indian Naval Academy and National Defence Academy. Champion at driving Operations, Administration, L&D, Logistics, HRM and Security management in varied VUCA environments across various national and international borders.

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