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About me

  • Managed the technical network setup of Defence over a period of 20 years. 5+ years in corporate for satellite link budget planning, link engineering, network architectural layout, Technical evaluation, Technical and RFP planning.
  • E2E program and Supplier management, contract management & project management, Scope & Schedule management and Telecom Billing, circulating the program progress dashboards to governance & customer teams and Customer engagement for the delivery of the program scope.
  • Managed complex solution deployment & integration programs with E2E project, solution development, and Scope & schedule development, R&R and Risk & mitigation.
  • Managed the process, people, and technology migration programs for the replacement of the incumbent vendor platform with the desired platform.
  • Handling the global deployments of Satellite, Microwave & Network Management Systems, and deployment in the network. Project management risk management, Communications Management and change management.
  • Worked with Microwave, Satellite services, NMS/UNMS & Core network services teams to deliver the multi-domain programs and executed the programs on the technologies & applications like Cisco Based IPMPLS network cloud setup, Device Management applications solutions (DM), Software developments, Development & Deployment PoC deployments for demonstration by aligning various vendors. HLD & LLD design preparations.
  • Electrical Management of Data Centers, i.e. DG Sets, UPS, FCBC and batteries. Connectivity of power elements through SCADA and NMS to cater for the live status.
  • Managed Link budgeting & Planning, RFP preparation and Wireless licenses from RLO/DoT, MoC (Experimental, Demonstration and SACFA).
  • Lesioning with Bharat Electronics, DRDO, ECIL, MoD, and Paramilitary HQs for a futuristic approach.

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