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About me

As a Military Leader with 11 years of cross-functional experience in the Indian Army, I have honed my skills in orchestrating Operations, Strategic Planning, and Implementation in inclement VUCA environments across the country for diverse teams of 500 personnel, while directing exclusive operational budgets.

My focus on innovative problem-solving has allowed me to implement best practices and transform existing processes, particularly in the areas of Operations and Project Management. I am adept at driving HRM, Training & Development, Administration, SCM, Logistics, and Financial Management, all while maintaining a sharp focus on maximizing people and performance management.

My expertise in Operations and Supply Chain Strategies, Project Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning has earned me the distinction of being ranked 1st in these subjects during my PGDM-OM from NMIMS Global. With this foundation, I am uniquely equipped to deliver results in even the most challenging operational and project management environments.

Overall, I am passionate about taking on complex operational and project management challenges, and am confident in my ability to drive success for any team or organization.

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