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About me

I am a Graduate of Engineering from DIT University. I am also PGDM degree holder from CUSAT, specialized in Marine Engineering. I am pursuing MBA in Operations Management from NMIMS and have been maintaining a 7.2 GPA through a well-balanced program of study. As part of Resettlement Programme I am doing a Certificate Course in Global Supply Chain Management from IIM Indore, which is not only very analytical and technical by nature but also helps to build leadership and team building qualities. I come from a solid operational background with a strong interest in operations and supply chain management and a passion towards production and team leading.

My area of expertise includes Six sigma certified Operations manager with over 9+ years of experience as a Naval Officer. Over the years, I have been driving projects, recommending HRM solutions, implementing operations strategy and identifying areas of risks. The key role has always been aligned with strategic planning, projects management, streamlining and improving the efficiency of operations, team building, and detailing project information to determine effective processes for operations with organizational, negotiation and facility coordination skills.

I also have managed various projects related to infra development, equipment commissioning, test & trials, quality assurance & improvement, keeping the project scopes & deliverables on top priority. I had ensured the management of departmental operations on daily basis and the upkeep of various KPIs set within the organization.

The initiative was never lost in maintaining a reliable logistic management. The efforts for cost-effectiveness with change management plans to ensure deliverables within agreed quality parameters had been a key factor while planning logistics operations. I’ve streamlined supply chain logistics & stakeholder engagement at varied locations including the remote locations in forward operating bases ensuring in-time & meeting the quality delivery of services.

I have been a trusted advisor to the Command for delivering operational excellence and Human Resource (HR) Capitalization through proven contributions in Supply chain Operations, Operations, Assets & Facility Management, MRO, Problem Solving & Critical thinking, Analytical Decision Making, Team Building, Stakeholder Collaboration, Service Orientation, Evaluation and Assessment and Planning & Construction of Infrastructure.

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