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    7 Smart Hacks for a Perfect LinkedIn Profile for Freshers

    7 Smart Hacks for a Perfect LinkedIn Profile for Freshers


    Your LinkedIn profile page is the foundation for your professional personality. Whether you are a student, a fresher, or an industry expert, having a well-optimized, informative LinkedIn profile is vital for skyrocketing your professional journey. While professionals possess tons of experience, certificates, and testimonials to prove their credibility on Linkedin, college students, and freshers have serious struggles in optimizing their profile due to lack of experience.

    Here are 7 smart ways that will help you in optimizing LinkedIn profile for freshers and leave a powerful impression on recruiters as well as your Linkedin connections!

    Ways to Optimise LinkedIn Profiles for Freshers

    LinkedIn is a world of its own, and what might work for a few immediately might take a long time to work for others. So, optimizing your LinkedIn profile regularly is the best way to be on top of the game. That being said, here are some smart hacks that you can implement to boost your career success fast!


    1. Right Profile Picture

    When you decide to create LinkedIn Profile, begin with choosing a front-facing picture where your face takes up around 60% of the image, you are dressed professionally and smiling generously. Your profile picture gives the first impression of your profile to your profile visitors.


    2. Apt Background Picture

    The second visual on your LinkedIn profile is your background image. Choose a picture that gives context to the skills you are good at, as that makes it easier for recruiters to understand the context of the niche you are working in.  


    3. Well-Written Headline

    Many LinkedIn users mention only their job title in the headline which is a total waste of opportunity. Your profile headline should be concise and clear. Your headline should be authentic and creative, and in simple language should highlight your strengths and what you are looking for.

    Here are some examples of headlines that work really well for college students and freshers:

    1. Software Engineer@TCS, connect with me to know more about DevOps & working in MNCs
    2. Final Year BTech student, ex-intern@BeyondExams, looking for full-time Web Dev roles
    3. Pursuing a diploma in Computer Science, looking to learn from ML/AI engineers in Indian startups



    4. Well-optimized LinkedIn Profile Summary

    Make sure you have a LinkedIn Profile Summary as this section helps you tell your story! Many users fail to understand the vitality of this section and keep this field blank, or simply mention their job responsibilities. Utilize this section to connect with your profile visitor with a solid story piquing their interest in you as a personal brand, and the services you provide. This section also gives you a chance to plug in the right keywords that your industry-masters use or hire folks in your niche target.


    5. Avoid Buzzwords

    LinkedIn users have misused buzzwords like — ‘’expert, specialized, focused, strategic, experienced’’ to name a few to the extent that these words have become meaningless in the LinkedIn dictionary. Thus, just using words like these for the sake of it is doing no good, rather demonstrating these skills by using measurable action phrases like “Improved accuracy by n%…”, “Led a team of 5 volunteers to …”, “Wrote 12+ plagiarism-free, SEO-optimised blogs” will prove to be a game-changer.



    6. Skills & Endorsements

    Your skills section is vital to demonstrate your expertise! But PLEASE avoid adding soft skills like Time management, Teamwork, etc. Instead, add skills that translate to “hirable” job roles. Example: If you are looking for Web Dev opportunities, add HTML, CSS, React, WordPress, etc. in your skills section. On top of that, ask your peers, friends, and family to endorse your skills! Having 15–20 endorsements adds a lot of credibility to your profile! The easiest way to get endorsements is to endorse others in your connection. People love to give back!


    7. Networking

    Do not just create a LinkedIn profile for the sake of it, rather put in efforts to interact with your connections, and people from your niche. This will help you to network in your work community and good connections can take you a long way.

    Some of the easy ways to network:

    1. While sending connection requests, send a personalized note
    2. Share about your projects, skills, your day-to-day work, etc.
    3. Engage on posts from your connections

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    Final Words

    Having a perfect LinkedIn profile for freshers is a vital stepping stone to achieving professional success. Every aspect of your profile — display picture, background image, keywords used in the summary, headline, and skills section, are paramount factors when it comes to creating a well-optimized LinkedIn profile that piques the interest of recruiters.



    If you are still unsure and would like BeyondExams’ experts to review your Linkedin profile and suggest improvements that can help boost your chances of getting hired, you can schedule a live mentoring session by clicking here.


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