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  • Founded Date May 4, 2023
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Silicon-Route India (OPC) Private Limited (SiR-In) is a Think-Tank startup, dedicated to explore the intersection of Public Policy, Law and Technology. SiR-In’s Policy Research & Analysis Wing, conducts interdisciplinary research to provide a balanced and evidence-based solutions to legal and regulatory challenges arising due to contemporary developments in the field of science and technology. New-Age technologies are often regulated with a status quo mindset, where any anomaly in the structure is treated as or considered as potential risk or challenge, thus limiting our vision towards inventions, innovations and integration. Short term solution and segmented approach without addressing the core principles of technology and its evolution creates policy paralysis and leaves behind unresolved critical conflicts and trade-offs for years to solve hampering development of new technology and creating policy void. To address this gap in technological evolution and policy formation and its implementation, at SiR-In, we have an dedicated IT Research & Development Wing that works in a wide range of sectors and other evolving segments, to provide parallel technical solutions for effective policy implementation. SiR-In aims to provide a holistic solution to regulatory challenges by engaging with multiple stakeholders in order to build a more proactive and entrepreneurial technology governance environment, that simultaneously balances innovation and social development. To do justice to our core value and moto ” Where Technology advocates the law”, our Business & Social Development Wing, will work closely with a wide community of regulators, academicians, professionals engaged in the disclosure of public policy formation to generate public awareness, build a culture of research in the area of law-governance & technology & generate assets to catalyze effective business solutions and support social empowerment, backed by the research and analysis of the Policy & IT Wings.